Thursday, November 27, 2014

Concert Report: Rusko (The Beacham)

American Thanksgiving Eve and spending it at The Beacham downtown to see Dubstep Producer/DJ Rusko (GB).
DJ Phoenix Jagger opened and was playing a mix of House, Dance and Dubstep.
He was followed by K Theory (USA) who moved things completely into Dubstep.
It was crowded but plenty of space to move about.
Rusko (GB) coming on about 12:35am.
And for the next two hours he would blast the place with Dubstep, Brostep, Trap and other Jamaican-infused power noises!
Young crowd overall!
In this article in 2011, the Blog recommended that parents speak to their children about Dubstep before someone else did!
This would have been a great crowd/DJ picture until she raised her arm!
A good time was had by all!

PI Update: Bridge No. 4 Reopens

As promised for the holidays, the No. 4 Bridge from Downtown Disney West Side to Pleasure Island reopened today as shown in this file photo.
Construction walls line both sides and block off all the new buildings built there during the past year to the south, and block off BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club to the north. Everything remains closed until you get to Paradiso 37 which of course is still open.
With the original route now open, we should see the demolition of the pedestrian bypass causeway unless it's needed later for the BET and AC renovations.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PI Update: Photos From Around The Island

None of these photos today were worthy of an article of their own but together we can show you a few things you may not have seen yet.  This new piece of concept art is posted directly in front of The Boathouse construction site and gives you an idea of what the complex will look like as you approach from Downtown Disney Marketplace via the so-called Motion corridor.
Across from the new Waterview Park, this area remains "seed & mulch" and apparently will remain that way for awhile even after the walls come down.
The is the service corridor that runs between Mannequins and the new shops being built alongside Mannequins.  We had always figured it would allow service and delivery access to the new shops going there as well as lead to Mannequins second level back door which is all the way at the rear.  Interestingly, you can see that a concrete wall is midway down the corridor and there are stairs inside to the right!
You're already aware that the creation of a canal to host the springs of Disney Springs has blocked off the former pedestrian pathway around Raglan Road. What you may not know is that the Hole In The Wall is still open for business but to get to it you you have to enter via Cookes of Dublin and to get to Cookes, you enter from Lily Pad / Portobello side of the Island.  Come out and see it all for yourself!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DTD Update: Exposition Park Opens!

The construction walls have been removed at Downtown Disney West Side and Exposition Park is open for business!

For flexibility, the newly opened area will not be called Food Truck Park as originally published.  Four trucks were in place though this afternoon for a Cast soft opening.  Other changes from original plans include that guests will not have access to the top of the High Line.  Plans for stairs and an elevator have been scratched.  Big thanks to one of our readers for the photo update

This Weekend In Techno Town

The weekend begins early at The Beacham with a Dubstep night from Rusko (GB). KTheory (USA) opens.  ($15-$20)
Meanwhile Sound Bar does it's thing with guest DJ and Techno specialist David GTronic (USA).
EPIC Nightclub in Tampa's Channelside district has DJ Icey & Tony Faline tomorrow night with many more! ($10-$20)
A new event at Vanity and they're starting with House music from DJ Donald Glaude (USA).  ($15)
It will be Breakbeat crazy over at Suite B Lounge with DJ Sharaz, DJ Matrix and many more!
Also Friday night, The Plaza Live has a live band set from veterans Infected Mushroom (IL).  Known for Trance, not sure how a live band set will differ.
More Breaks to the extreme at Suite B Lounge with Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx, Si-Dog Silas and many more! ($10-$15)
More a more Top 40/Dance type of evening, check out The Groove at Universal CityWalk for the return of Tampa's DJ Tone.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pleasure Island Rewind

Pleasure Island Rewind took place last night at Disney's Contemporary Resort and it was a great way to remember the many clubs that made up our beloved PI.
DJ Elliot was on the boards playing hits from many of the dance clubs beginning the night with Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Neon Armadillo and 8TRAX!
The Mannequins portion included part of the Light Show and part of the Phantom!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The Colonel from Adventurers Club then paid us a visit via satellite!
And the Adventurers Club cast was reunited for the first time in years!
Everyone was shocked when they made an announcement: The Adventurers Club was reopening!  Unfortunately, after a long pause, it was announced that the reopening was only for the next 20 minutes!
Since everyone's club membership had expired after 6 years, there was a new member induction ceremony along with traditional AC songs!
More dance music from DJ Elliot!
Then it was time for a improv show from the Comedy Warehouse crew!
With Carol Stine on the keyboards just like old times!
Along with many of the original CW crew!  They will reprise their roles again over the Christmas to New Years holidays with numerous daily shows at Disney Hollywood Studios.
And then it was onto the West End Stage for our New Years Eve countdown to midnight followed by confetti explosions!
Great musical memories last night of our nights on the Island.
As Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney is converted to The Landing at Disney Springs, we continue to watch for what kind of adult nightlife will be offered there.
As part of the Destination D event, some old ride displays were offered such as Starjets!
And we'll never forget Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
A good time was had by all!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Club Reports: Aero Bar, Olde 64, NV, 180 Grey Goose Lounge, Sound Bar, The Patio

Good thing that I took photos to remember last night's journey.  Started things off at Aero Bar, the new name for what was Sky60.
Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison in the booth putting out House/Dance!  He's playing on New Years Eve under the fire-belching dragon at EPCOT: China!
Mans Week Lite this year.  Vegas last year, Orlando this year!  :-(
Small crowd on the dance floor on this drizzly night.
Passed through Olde 64 on the way out.  That's the new name for what was Bar-BQ-Bar.
The clutter is gone, the booths are gone.....and the people are gone.  But it was a slow night everywhere last night.
Next stop NV (pronounced "envy").
They sometimes have DJ's here; I can recall Andy Hughes playing here.  But last night the Chill music was prerecorded.
Spotted: DJ Beni Hill. He's playing next Friday night with DJ Sharaz at Suite B Lounge!
Small crowd dancing on the floor near the bar.
Two weeks in a row to 180 Grey Goose Lounge atop Amway Center!
DJ Jay Mac (iHeartRadio) keeping the decks covered during the slight drizzle.
But the rain ended as quickly as it hard started and people were coming back outside.
The blue and white tower signifies it was an Orlando Magic game night.
Getting into the House/Dance mix!
Can't miss Sound Bar on a Saturday night!
DJ duo bigLITTLE pumping out House music!
Always a fine looking crowd here!
Spotted: DJ Fusion aka Bob Man.  He's playing with DJ Donald Glaude next Friday night at Vanity.
Always great drinks from bartendress Rhiana!
Last stop of the night was The Patio, the new name for what was Eye Spy.
DJ Parry in the booth spinning Top 40/Dance!
They got the fog!
They got the lasers!
They got the peeps!  A good time was had by all!