Thursday, January 29, 2015

DTD Update: Searching For Nightlife

Here's a roundup of free musical entertainment currently available at Downtown Disney.  First of all at Splitsville, there is normally a live soloist, duo or band performing outside on the patio.
But there is something new inside!  Blog reader FN alerted us to live bands performing inside Splitsville on Saturday nights from 9pm to 12:30am.  Had not heard about this yet a spokesman for Splitsville told the Blog that this has been taking place for about 12 weeks now.  They've also expanded the downstairs Bullet Bar for easier access to drinks.  Thanks, FN!
There is now live music evenings at Exposition Park aka Food Truck Park.
Of course live music is what they had in mind when they built the new amphitheater known as the Waterview Stage.
There is still live music outside Fulton's Crab House at the Lily Pad.
There is free music available on the patio outside House of Blues.  Entertainment inside is almost always a ticketed event.
There is a temporary raised stage outside Raglan Road providing live Irish bands.  Of course you're familiar with the Kids Dance Party at the Waterside Stage in Marketplace.  Live Latin bands and DJ's are available at Bongo's ,although sometimes there is a cover charge there.  We await word of new offerings coming to Disney Springs and we'll keep you posted here on the Blog!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DTD Update: What's Up With The High Line?

Section 1 of the High Line is the oldest section and is located adjacent the new Starbucks on the West Side near Pleasure Island Bridge No. 5.  It's the only curved section and it is fully operational as a decoration and shade producer.
The most interesting piece of High Line is this long straight Section 2 adjacent to Exposition Park aka the Food Truck Park.

When it first opened they had numerous benches under it but these have been removed in favor of seating on the planter walls.

Concept art originally showed stairs and an elevator to access the top of this section.  Rumor had it that the access got axed but if that's the case, why do they still have this piece of concept art displayed in at least two places showing guests up there?  Could this actually still be coming?

Section 3 of the High Line is located between Bongo's and Splitsville and it's still not finished.  It's yet to be decorated and as we see here, lots of work taking place at ground level.  And that's your High Line update!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PI Update: First New Store To Open

The only thing that has opened since the clubs closed on Pleasure Island was Paradiso 37, but it was under construction anyway and did not arise out of the closure decision. That's about to change.  Not withstanding a couple kiosks that opened in front of Fulton's, the first new store is going to debut; Chapel Hats.  Located in the so called Motion Corridor near The Boathouse, the store will sell hats and should open within days.  Another new store called Sound Lion is supposed to open by mid-February.  

DJ Indecent Noise This Friday In Orlando

I'm told he had such a great time in Orlando last November when he played at Electric Daisy Carnival that he wanted to return to O-Town as soon as possible!  Well the return of DJ Indecent Noise (PL) takes place this Friday night at Bikkuri Lounge!  Last Friday he played at Ministry of Sound in London!  This is a do-not-miss event for Trance fans as you can't get any closer to the action than at Bikkuri!  Legendary DJ Suzy Solar (USA) precedes him along with DJ's Robb Blak and Agni!  Tickets are $25.

Monday, January 26, 2015

PI Update: Did You Save Your Wristbands?

Did you ever save your Pleasure Island wristbands?  Blog reader DJMadmanRay shares with us this photo of his PI wristband collection.  It brought back memories of my own collection which was kept in my car's glove compartment.  They retained their circular shape as they were slid off my arm with either ease or difficulty depending on how tight it was placed on.  They were crammed in there by the dozens! Except for one blue one, I did not save them once capacity was reached. Did you save your Pleasure Island wristbands?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Club Report: Suite B Lounge

With temperatures in the upper 40's last night, I knew I needed to camp out in just one place so my choice was none other than Suite B Lounge.
Orlando's home of the Breaks, DJ Deathcol was finishing up his set when I arrived.
And was followed by DJ Discosynthetique who continued the theme.
There was a big crowd gathered when I got there and for the next hour or so.
Dance floor stayed active.
I didn't recognize any of the songs though.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The headliner, DJ Superfly Jeff, did not come on until after 1:30am.
By then, while there were still some dancers near the bar.....
The dance floor itself had pretty much cleared-out.
A good time was had by all that were there earlier.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Aero Bar, Bullitt Bar, Suite B Lounge

Started a drizzly Friday night off at Vixen Bar downtown.
DJ Knightlife was in the booth playing non-commercial House music.
Small contingent on the dance floor of the narrow venue.
Vixen remained true to EDM even back when Hip Hop ruled the roost!  So although it's small, they know their music and it's always a fun stop!
Next stop Aero Bar, the new name for what was Sky60.
DJ Cliff T was in the tent-covered booth spinning mostly EDM.
It was a warm evening but with some drizzle coming and going, it never got crowded during my visit.
But it's a great vibe and the dance floor can get super-packed!
Always an interesting stop is Bullitt Bar, themed from the 1968 film of the same name.
DJ Cody Jared was in the booth but the music was all Top 40 and Hip Hop.
The club was packed though!
With no discernable dance floor though, it's more of a place to chit chat than dance!
What would be an Orlando weekend without Suite B Lounge?
DJ Renzo Ruiz was in the booth when I arrived and he was blowing up the place with pure, unadulterated non-commercial House music!
And the club was packed!
People dancing all over the place!
Hadn't seen him play since last May at the now-closed Sound Bar!
Dancing in VIP!
Getting low, low, low!
Spotted: DJ Bobman with Carlos Gutierrez (left) & DJ Rob Prynge who had opened the night.
At 1am, long line in the rain to get in.
Unlike most visits to Suite B Lounge, I didn't know anyone, lol!
But it didn't matter!  A good time was had by all!

Friday, January 23, 2015

PI Update: Remembering One Month After

After the clubs closed forever following that fateful night in September, 2008, Disney took action in some instances to eliminate club names but also left things unchanged in other instances.  8TRAX was one of the venues that got the name painted over even though the colorful 70's inspired decorations would remain showing for years to come.
But almost overnight Motion would lose it's name off the building as well as its logo.
At Mannequins the name panels on each side of the marquee were removed right away but the neon "Dance Palace" and metal "Mannequins" vertical sign would remain well into the future.
For most of us the mourning began in September, 2008 but Rock'n'Roll Beach Club fans were mourning their loss in February, 2008 when their club closed ahead of everything else. The Blog was told long ago that when RRBC was leased to a third-party vendor so quickly and at top dollar that DTD management then decided to close all the other clubs too, figuring they'd have no trouble leasing them out as well.  Of course the economy tanked and there were no takers and even the RRBC vendor bailed out, leaving the Island clubs to either be demolished or sit idle for 6+ years. The RRBC shark sign would remain on the club for the coming years as well.
BET Soundstage Club became simply Soundstage Club about a year before it was shuttered since the contract with BET expired.  But the microphone sign and name signs would remain well into the future here too.  And while the signs you see here were finally removed a few years ago, it is the only former club that still has a sign up, out in back facing the balloon ride.
In the beginning Adventurers Club kept its name signs as well as all the external artifacts.  It gave hope that eventually the club would reopen.  But during an August, 2011 putsch, Island workers attacked all remaining club signs here and at the other clubs that still had them and erased all traces of their former selves. 
Lastly, Comedy Warehouse lost it signs that faced West End Plaza as it was converted to Celebration Plaza in conjunction with the outdoor Celebrate Tonight show.  Even then, this sign on the side of CW remained until the putsch too.