Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting Ready For IMF

Sound checks taking place earlier this afternoon at the main stage of Firestone Music Park, home of tomorrow's Independence Music FestivalSee article below for details.

IMF Is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day.....the first ever Independence Music Festival in Orlando!  There will be 7 stages of music beginning at 12:30pm and running until midnight at Firestone Music Park. An optional after party will run until around 2:30am.  The DJ lineup includes numerous local favorites as well as international stars such as BT, Excision, Paris & Simo and Alex M.O.R.P.H.  Full details can be found here!

12:30PM  United States  CORPORATE SLACKERS (House)
  1:30PM  Canada  HUNTER SEIGEL (House)
  2:30PM  United States  BUTCH CLANCY (Dubstep)
  3:30PM  United States  HeROBUST (Electronica & Bass)
  4:30PM  United States  VICTOR NIGLIO (Electrohouse & Progressive)
  5:30PM  Germany  ALEX M.O.R.P.H. (Trance & Electrohouse)
  6:30PM  Australia  BOMBS AWAY (House & Electrohouse)
  7:30PM  Canada  PARIS & SIMO (Progressive House)
  8:30PM  United States  BT  (Trance & Progressive House)
  9:30PM  United Kingdom  SKISM  (Dubstep & Bass)
10:30PM  Canada  EXCISION (Dubstep & Bass)    

There will be slides and other water-themed attractions along with numerous food and souvenir vendors. Should be a lot of fun and The Blog will be providing coverage for those who can't make it!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

Start the weekend off with some Dubstep as 12th Planet (USA) drops in on Firestone Live!
First visit to Orlando since last December, House guy DJ Pierce Fulton (USA) is playing tonight at Tier Nightclub.
One thing lacking downtown is a Latin Night and that's being solved every Thursday at Vanity.
(Price N/A)
NLP is back at Suite B Lounge with DJ's J-Dub, Beni Hill, Supagroover, MX and all led by DJ Matrix!  Breaks live!
Special appearance by DJ Elliot (Disney Hollywood Studios, Downtown Disney) this Friday night at Retro Room!
Running from Noon until Midnight, the first ever Independence Music Festival visits Orlando featuring Excision and BT along with many, many others playing in 7 locations inside and outside Firestone Music Park. All at a price point way below EDC.
($69 GA / $126 VIP) 
Saturday night at The Groove in Universal CityWalk gives us the return of Tampa's DJ Mondo!  Always a great time with his House/Dance/Top 40 mixes.  If you're not at IMF, come here!
Unless you're in Tampa, then come here!  Hyde Park Cafe has a sick mostly Breaks lineup featuring DJ's Keith Mackenzie and Fixx along with Phat Kidz and duo Agent K & Bella.  Wow!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remembering Comedy Warehouse

History:  Comedy Warehouse was one of the two comedy clubs that existed on Pleasure Island along with Adventurers Club.  It dates back to the opening of Pleasure Island.  Patrons entered here from West End Plaza and then stairs led down to seating on multiple levels, coliseum-style, with the stage at the very bottom at the Island's lower level.  After shows, the exit was downstairs and led everyone outside to The Waterfront adjacent the lower entrance to 8TRAX.  The comedy here was Improv style with audience participation very much of the format along with a lot of quick thinking by the troupe.  This was the Island's only club I never visited; was always too worried that I was going to miss something elsewhere!

Current Status:  Club was demolished one year ago this month, August, 2013.

Future:  For the past few years the CW comedy troupe has done improv shows annually over the holiday season at Disney Hollywood Studios. Construction of what we're told is a new steakhouse restaurant is underway roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to stand but slightly more to the east. It's being built along the edge so that the main level is on the Island's upstairs and a lower level will face the opposite side.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DTD Update: The Disney Springs Backstory

IMF Is Only 4 Days Away!

This Saturday.....the first ever Independence Music Festival in Orlando!  Tickets and details here.

Remembering BET Soundstage

History:  BET Soundstage was a dance club that featured Hip Hop and R&B music and opened in 1998. It replaced Neon Armadillo which operated in here prior to that.  The last couple years it operated only as Soundstage Club as the contract with Black Entertainment Television expired.  The BET part of the logo was simply removed.  During my first visit to Pleasure Island during the late 90's I have fond memories of hanging out in Mannequins and BET.  Hip Hop music was becoming huge and this place was playing all the hits.  The dance floor, which was down on the ground level, was packed and the long staircase that led down to it was also packed.  I can recall it taking a good half hour to get a drink.  This was the place!  The club started to go down hill after new club Motion opened. Ironically, with most of Top 40 dominated by Hip Hop and Top 40 being what Motion played, the much-larger club stole all the customers.  In the end Soundstage stayed pretty empty and a switch to Classics such as Michael Jackson did not draw many.  Soundstage closed with all the other clubs on the morning of September 28, 2008.

Current Status:  Empty; has been used recently as a construction office. Hyperion Wharf plans we published showed the building razed, replaced by "Seed & Mulch."  That never happened, thankfully.  No recent construction activity, however.

Future:  Disney Springs concept art shows the building still there, with modifications of the roofline to give it a different look.  Don't know what it will be.  Most of the space in the building is down the stairs at the lower level of the Island.  Upstairs space is very limited as currently configured.  Would make a good dance club.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

PI Update: Upper & Lower Decks

Taking a look today at how PI's upper and lower decks will be connected as it becomes The Landing.  As in the past, the slanted No. 4 Bridge will continue to connect the West Side with the upper deck of the Island
What is new is this area on the West Side which formerly was foliage is being expanded to allow visitors to get closer to the water.  Concept art shows a new bridge which we'll call the No. 3.5 Bridge connecting the West Side near Planet Hollywood / The Observatory to the Island's lower deck.
This appears to be a new ramp going in that would connect the upper and lower decks, near what was West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza.  Stairs used to exist near here.
This part of what was The Waterfront will be filled with water again and become the springs of Disney Springs.  New construction of more shops will be out here in what was the Pleasure Island parking lot and there will be shops on the Island's lower deck.  Apparently whatever is going into 8TRAX (supposedly another restaurant) will be accessed from back here rather than from Hill Street, since the Hill Street side of 8TRAX has two new shops.  To the left of 8TRAX one can see new construction at the rear side of the building that is going in where Curl used to stand.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Club Report: Independent Bar

No reason to club hop last night when everything was going down at Independent Bar!
Resident DJ Indie John in the booth putting out an amazing night of early-to-mid 80's New Wave! Grooving in the booth with him, the idly rich pair Devon and CJ were spotted.
The club was Saturday-night packed!
One classic hit after another kept the dance floor occupied!
Spotted: Resident DJ Matt with Lighting Tech Ernie.
Spotted by the bar: Ami and legendary DJ Fusion!
Spotted on the raised dance platform: DJ Baby Anne (USA) with friend!
Spotted: Another legend, DJ The Rev'rend!
Every night has different music here but I love Saturdays because of the 80's.
And the crowd is a mix of everyone and everybody; all are welcome!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Club Reports: Horse Power, Suite B Lounge

Started the night out at new venue Horse Power Bar & Grill because their website had referred to live bands and DJ's.
I found neither last night but it is a pretty cool looking place and their website does show both in the recent past. Despite the name, it's not a country music place.
Have been to Suite B Lounge quite a bit lately but when they keep bringing in great talent, there's no reason to go elsewhere.
Arrived relatively early last night for more Breakbeats and found DJ Brian Keith in the booth.
Followed by a great one hour set from DJ JG$.
Just a few people in the place early-on, which is pretty typical for the Breaks crowd.
But at midnight there was a line at the door and it suddenly got crowded!
Everyone here to see DJKJ of K5!
Dance floor got crowded for a lot of Old Skool!
You can never go wrong with Go Go.....boys?
KJ driving the crowd into a frenzy with Liquid's Dance classic "Sweet Harmony"!  KJ is probably most famous for his monster hit "Passion" which you can view here.
Spotted chilling in VIP: Opening DJ Pedro V and closing DJ J-Dub.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Sandra Cruz and Melissa.
And a good time was had by all!