Monday, October 12, 2015

DJ Valentino Khan: Deep Down Low

Can't get enough of this song from DJ Valentino Khan (USA) called "Deep Down Low".  I heard it in clubs on both nights this past weekend (including Wuki's Booty Bass Remix) as well as on Sirius/XM satellite radio. It has elements of Electrohouse, Bass and Dubstep; it's infectious.  When it's played, everyone stops what they're doing, except for those on the dance floor!

DS Update: Bridge & Garage Report

Disney Springs was originally a small Florida town founded on natural springs that surfaced in this area. With so much water around, many bridges were needed to provide access to the different sections of the city.
The No. 5 Bridge in the foreground connects Disney Springs West Side to The Landing's upper level at West End Plaza. In the background, the new No. 4 Bridge.
Closer up view of the No. 4 Bridge.
A point-of-view shot of that bridge shows that it also begins on the West Side but stays low over the water, connecting to The Landing's lower level just below STK.
The new No. 3 Bridge will connect The Landing / Pleasure Island lower section over to Disney Springs Town Center.  On the Island side, this is below STK and adjacent Neverland Tunnels.
The new No. 2 Bridge replaced the former No. 2 Bridge aka the Mannequins Bridge. It's much narrower than the bridge it replaced which could handle service trucks.
Side view of that almost-finished bridge.  It connects Town Center on the left with the Island on the right, directly by Morimoto Asia.
No changes at the No. 1 Bridge adjacent T-REX Cafe.
Construction continues rapidly on the new Lime (East) Garage.
Located adjacent Disney Springs Marketplace and Disney Springs Town Center, it's sure to be a popular place to park!
Like the already open Orange (West) Garage, it's being constructed in three sections.  That's the western most section going up.
The center section.
And the eastern-most section.
And for you car park fans to drool over, a close-up!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Club Reports: 180, Peek Downtown, Native Social Bar

Saturday night in the city and dropping in on 180, the apparent new name for what was 180 Grey Goose Lounge.
Arrived to find DJ Ian McDaniel at the inside DJ booth.  That little blue light is an indication he was broadcasting live on XL106.7.  Music was EDM/Dance.
Not a lot of people inside yet at this early hour. Club used to be free but with a $10 cover charge now in place, that may be impacting it.
Located up on the top of Amway Center, 180 refers to the degrees of view you get of beautiful downtown Orlando!
Outside we had DJ Adivo in the booth.
Up here, Interstate 4 is almost romantic!
There were several clusters of girls dancing outside but overall things were starting off slow.
Music outside was also EDM with selections from Kaskade, DJ Snake, Lil Jon, Chainsmokers, etc.  Great venue to take a date!
Two nights in a row for Peek Downtown!
DJ Nino Bua in the booth playing House!
While Mrs. Bua danced it out!
Just not a lot of people in here either last night.
Taking over at 12:30AM, DJ Cristian Arango (USA).  He's a resident DJ at club Pacha in New York City.
And he would continue with pure, unadulterated, non-commercial House music!
Great music, just few dancing.
So we moved on to Native Social Bar where things were considerably more crowded!
DJ Prophet 808 was delivering the Breaks when I arrived!
And the dance floor was beginning to pick up!
Everybody here to see DJ Wuki (USA)!
And the booties were shakin' down on the floor!
Good crowd on hand in Native!
Breakbeats for the masses!
Had seen Wuki earlier this year in Miami when he played right before DJ Icey!
Spotted in the mezzanine: This group that included Blog regular CJ (second from left) & Leah (up front)!
Spotted by the bar: Trish
Spotted in the booth with Wuki: Future Sound of Breaks' Glyn S. Morgan
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Club Reports: Vyce Lounge, Treehouse, Peek Downtown, Tier Nighclub

Downtown Orlando on a Friday night with a first stop at Vyce Lounge.
I was told this is DJ JTime but I'm not so sure.  But the music was great; an EDM/Dance mix!
No one was dancing during my visit except for some brief moves made by a few girls up front near the DJ booth.  But they have that great color-flashing ceiling!
And you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
I love climbing up into the Treehouse whenever I can!
They have this great bar featuring craft cocktails.
With a capacity of just 40, it took a few minutes for my turn!
No DJ but last night they were playing a 70's Disco track!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink or shot and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
Most downtown visits invariably include a stop at Peek!
Last night they had Miami's DJ Mike B in the booth!
First time seeing him spin since "Return of the Kings" at Firestone in 2013!
Just not a very big crowd on hand last night.
But those there were doing their own spinning.....on the dance floor!
Music was a mix of Breaks, Old Skool Dance and even some current EDM!
Great set of music; just wish more people would have come to see it!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted on the dance floor: Donia & Renee
Spotted in the booth with Mike B: DJ Miss KayKay
Spotted in the foyer: Mauricio of the electronic band Prophecy. They are part of a huge event on November 20th at The Abbey with details here!
Small crowd but lots of energy!
Final stop of the night at Tier Nightclub.
DJ duo Chus & Ceballos (E) in the club!
And THIS is where everybody was last night!
These guys have been around for a generation!
The music: real House!
All age crowd down there on the dance floor!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The Madrid-based duo plays at Stereo Afterhours tonight in Montreal, a club I had just visited last month!
At Tier last night, a good time was had by all!