Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This Weekend In Techno Town

Return to AAHZ at The Beacham tonight with this high powered lineup! If you're off Thursday, a must see event!
Also tonight over at The Attic, DJ Max Styler (USA) is playing for this special edition event.  Electrohouse.
Torque night at Native this week means fast-paced Breaks from local DJ Molecule!  D&B.
Miami-based DJ Bebe is back at Peek Downtown for another edition of BreaksYo! With Rich Doss and Andrez.
Is it the last Friday of the month already? Yes, and that means Lost in Trancelation at Bikkuri Lounge this month featuring a night of Trance classics from Robb Blak, Lil'B and Suzy Solar (USA)!
Native is the place this weekend for DJ Marten Hørger (D), Si-Dog, Seth Vogt and more! Breaks.
If real House and Deep House is more your thing, check out DJ D-Unity (CDN) joining Renzo Ruiz at Sandwich Bar!
For those over in Tampa, Amphitheatre has Grammy-winning DJ Cedric Gervais (F) visiting this Saturday night!  EDM/Dance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DS Update: One Long Shopping Street

By now you recognize this structure as the "mall" section of Disney Springs Town Center.  Like a traditional mall, there is a center aisle indoors with shops on both sides of the corridor.
We now know that Lily Pulitzer, Tommy Bahama and Ugg Australia will have stores in the mall.
Last December we published these exclusive pieces of concept art provided to us.  If you pass through that indoor mall section, you come out to what is essentially a pedestrian thoroughfare.  It's like a downtown main street in a large city, sans vehicles, with shops on both sides.
This is the current status of the backside to those shops on that thoroughfare.
While there will be a few shops and certainly food options not along this thoroughfare, by far the majority of shops will be concentrated along this long passageway.
One of the main intersections within Disney Springs Town Center.
The concept art did not show this onion-domed structure.
Sky view of the same intersection.  Construction continues.

Monday, November 23, 2015

DS Update: Those Logo Boards

Back in March, 2013 the Blog published these two logo boards displaying names that were supposedly coming to Disney Springs.  As we approach 3 years since the logos were posted and as we approach the opening of the Town Center section of Disney Springs, it's interesting to look at the boards to see just how how accurate the predictions were.  Looking at shop names on the above board, we know that Marvel has already opened as Superhero Headquarters and Havaianas has opened on the IslandUniqlo and Kiehl's have been announced.  I thought Lego was getting an expansion but I don't know of anything official for anything else listed.  AmericanGirl got built at the Florida Mall.  Coca-Cola is already everywhere.  Topshop/Topman, Bershka and Superdry would be huge coups for Disney Springs (and Orlando) if they got them!
Splitsville was already open when this was published.  Morimoto is now open as is The BoathouseTrader Sam's opened instead at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.  We did get the Indiana Jones-themed Hangar Bar.  Food Truck Row is operational on the West Side.  We didn't get Argo Tea but we got Tea Traders instead.  Walt's Place and The Edison Orlando have been announced but appear to be in limbo.  Food Network is represented by other names but is there nonetheless.  We're still waiting for Shake Shack, now in the Orlando market but wasn't at the time, or better yet, In-N-Out!  Overall, a high success rate on this logo board!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Club Reports: Universal CityWALK

It only rains late at night in Orlando when a cold front is passing through and such was the case last night.  So it was a good night not to go downtown.  It was a great night to go to CityWALK.  It's also a great opportunity to update you on the various club options here.
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville is primarily a restaurant at CityWALK however it does gain a club aspect later at night.
Live band plays Rock hits and Oldies.
Although with just one couple dancing last night and just a handful in the building, the band was calling "last song" at 12:40AM.  It's usually much more crowded on weekends.
Bob Marley's is another venue at CityWALK with a live band.
Set in a Caribbean-style courtyard, the open-air venue is impacted on these rare rainy nights so while the band played Reggae, no one could dance.
And those on hand remained sequestered.
The Orlando branch of New Orleans-based Pat O'Brien's is located at CityWALK.
One section is outdoors and could not open last night.  They often have a DJ out here playing Top 40 hits.
Inside the most popular option is this large room offering dueling pianos.  It's a great place to get your singing in without the spotlight of karaoke.
Latin Quarter is gone, replaced with Antojitos.  But other than occasional private events, DJ's no longer spin here.
There is always a line for frozen concoctions at Fat Tuesday!
The Groove remains CityWALK's primary dance club!
Saturday night resident DJ M-Squared in the booth.
Big crowd on hand on the dance floor although the upstairs was closed last night.
Virtually no EDM in here but the peeps don't care.
M-Squared was all over the place though. His selections bounced around from "Push It", "I Like The Way You Move" and "Billy Jean" to "Booty Bounce", "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Back That Ass Up"!
Yes, this guy was doing the Robot and yes he had a tail, lol.
He did give me Calvin Harris' "Summer" and DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What"!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Sources tell me that they're going to try out a few new things at TG in 2016 so stay tuned!
Red Coconut Club is another dancing option.
DJ Leony (USA) in the perch here on Thursday & Saturday nights!
While not super-packed as it often is, it was definitely crowded!
Mostly various genres of Latin music including Reggaeton, Leony's famous EDM sets are intermixed too!
After Mannequins closed, my discovery of DJ Leony, who had a weekly EDM mix show on Air BPM on XM Satellite Radio, allowed me to survive those sad times!
You can hear his Electrohouse-packed show Passport To Dance on Saturday nights at 10PM EST (0300 GMT) on RadioDanz as well as directly on his website here!
Spotted on the dance floor: Disco Duke from 8TRAX.
Always fun times at RCC!
Last stop of the night, Rising Star.
To me the fun at RS happens between Karaoke sets when the DJ spins dance music.....
.....and the audience gets out of their chairs and up onto the dance floor!
Out of their seats for "It's Getting Hot In Here"!
And the "Cha Cha Slide"!
The CityWALK Party Pass gets you into all clubs for just $12.77.  A good time was had by all!